Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Christmas Card

This year we decided to repeat the success of last year and take Christmas card photos while we were shopping for our Christmas tree (to see last year click HERE).  Charlie was NOT in the mood for photo's and we had to bribe, chastize, and use every trick in our arsenal to get any decent photos. It was quite exhausting.  Robb also decided to wear his GoPro (that he uses for weddings) on his shoulder the entire time so now we have a 1 hour long video of us trying to get Charlie to smile. And also of me being super picky about which tree we get.  Delightful. Anyways, we were able to get a couple good ones- here's what we chose for our Christmas card this year (from Minted again, they really are as awesome as everyone says they are)

And here's what most of the other ones looked like--

I really wanted to have this photo on the back of the card with the caption "Or not. That's just fine. If you're going to have a bad attitude about it we'll leave and not get a tree at all" but Robb vetoed it. Even though it would have been awesome.  This picture pretty much sums up how picture taking went that day lol.  4 year old attitude is just lovely isn't it?

Here are some of the other contenders for the Christmas card photo

He's only giggling above because I tried reverse psychology and told him "You'd better not smile! Don't you dare smile!" and, being the little rebel he is, it worked like a charm. PS- yes that is silver nail polish.  He always wants "in" when he sees me painting my nails and since I don't have a little girl to do that stuff with I oblige him.  Sue me.

We also got a couple cute pictures of us with Charlie.  One day maybe we'll even have a nice picture of all 3 of us together! Wouldn't that be something?  I think the last picture of all 3 of us was Easter haha

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