Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Conversations with Charlie

Hi friends! I love how now that Charlie is 4 I can finally have actual conversations with him.  It's so cute trying to decipher what he means and then learning about what he did that day.  Some conversations are more "Hey, I mean it, stop jumping on the couch this second or you'll go in timeout", but for the most part they are pretty fun!  I like this age a lot so far, Charlie really gets what we're saying but is still young enough to be curious about everything.  We always have a lot of talks in the car- going to Target or coming home from preschool; probably because there's not as many distractions as there are at home.  Admittedly most of these conversations are just my way of finding new and creative ways to annoy him.  It's pretty easy and definitely very fun haha, I'm sure I'll get mine when he's older so I gotta take advantage now :) Anyways, in tribute to Charlie and I's glowing conversational skills I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

Mom: *singing along to Let It Go in the car at the top of my lungs, poorly*
Charlie: Mom stop it!
Mom: Charlie.  Frozen is awesome. You need to get into this, buddy.
Charlie: No, I don't like Frozen.
Mom: How can you not like Frozen? There's a snow monster and a funny snowman!  All the kids like Frozen.
Charlie: Olaf is funny.
Mom: See? Frozen is awesome
Charlie: No, I don't like Frozen. I like Paw Patrol.
Mom: Well you know what? We're listening to Frozen and that's that. I like it and every other kid in the world likes Frozen so you really need to get into it anyways, that way I can have the experience of being sick and tired of watching it like everyone else.
Charlie: Just put on Weird Al, no more Frozen. Let It Go, Mom.
(OK I ad libbed that last part but I'm pretty sure that's what he was thinking)

Mom: *in very bad but hilarious beefy Jersey shore type accent* Eh Chah-lie! Whatcha doin' back there?
Charlie: Mom, I don't like that.
Mom: Chah-lie! Whatchou talkin' bout? I'm just hangin' out up here
Charlie: Stop it Mom. Talk normal.
Mom: Tawk normal? I'm tawkin' normal! Whatchou tryin' to say to me there buddy? You wanna fight about it?
Mom: "Eh, bro- what's yer problem? Let's go pump some iron"

Mom: Come sit next to me and give me a hug dude!
Charlie: Mom, you're my best friend
Mom: Oh. My. God. That's so sweet! You're my best friend too! *hug*
Charlie: Are you happy? Can I go back to playing now?

Mom: How was preschool, Charlie? Did you play with your friends?
Charlie: It was good. I played with Dominic but Haley hurt my feelings.
Mom: What? You and Haley are friends, what happened?
Charlie: She was angry and hurt my feelings
Mom: Oh no! What was she angry about?
Charlie: Her doghouse broke
Mom: Oh, how did her doghouse break?
Charlie: I broke it

Mom: Okay buddy, you can take off your physiotherapy vest now
Charlie: OK
Mom: juuuuuuust unbuckle the straps there, dude
Charlie: OK
Mom: You're not unbuckling the straps, just take them off. Take off the vest. Just unbuckle the straps.
Charlie: *blank stare*
Mom: *robot voice* disengage from physiotherapy vest
Mom: I repeat, disengage, disengage from vest.  Activate disengagement
Charlie: Mom. Stop. *unbuckles first buckle*
Mom: First buckle disengaged. Commence disengagement of second buckle
Charlie: Mom! Talk. Normal. *unbuckles second buckle*
Mom: Second buckle disengaged. Warning: disengagement incomplete. Continue disengaging vest
Charlie: Be quiet! *unbuckles third buckle"
Mom: Vest successfully disengaged! Commence authorized activities.
Charlie: Mom, go back in the kitchen.

And of course my favorite- our very deep and thoughtful texts we send each other during the day while I'm at work. 

car car car police car, fire truck, house, building building indeed, Charlie.

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