Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily

Hi there! I thought I'd share my December Daily foundation pages today.  You may have noticed I haven't been scrapping very much lately- we've had quite a lot going on! I've been busy in school and we have been reorganizing the house because we just got new furniture so there hasn't been much free time to just sit and scrap.  I wanted to fix this so I decided to do my first ever December Daily this year.  I've never done one before, mainly because I didn't think we did enough Christmas activities to fill one; however now that Charlie's a little older we do a lot more so this seems like a good time to start.

SN: if you're not familiar with December Daily- it's a way to create an album that details each day in December :)

I wanted an all-inclusive kit preferably with a class alongside it, because I'm new to the concept, so I went with Studio Calico.  I don't like Studio Calico.  Sorry, I know that's like sacrilege in the scrapbooking community but I just don't.  I think they're overpriced, their kits are too small, and the suppies are poorly coordinated.  In particular, I thought this DD kit was quite over priced.  I've also taken one or two classes there and thought they were also overpriced and lacking in substantial content.  Because of this I did look around to other companies with Christmas themed kits but I couldn't find everything that I needed anywhere but Studio Calico.  I wanted the extra instruction that would come from a class, I wanted a binder with pocket pages already in it since I'm brand spanking new to pocket style scrapping, and I wanted a Christmas kit, preferably one that aligned with the class.  So despite my best judgement I went ahead with Studio Calico even though I LOVE the Noel Mignon kit this year.  I just wish it came with an album and a class and I would have been ALL over it.  Noel's kits are the best. Studio Calico's are not. That being said, I don't adore the supplies-- they're OK, but I supplemented quite a bit with my stash.  I mean, why would they include so much pink on the pages for a December Daily? That's just silly IMHO.  My Christmas does not include pink, thank you very much. Anyways, next year I will have a firmer grasp of the idea and will definitely be going with a different supplier for my kit.  (BTW this unhappiness has nothing to do with the Studio Calico shipping issues...I got all my materials in time so I have no complaints there, I've just never liked their style or brand or company).

All that being said, I am super excited to do a December Daily this year!  I can't wait! I am going to fucking OWN this Christmas.  I used some of the tips from the class for storing my supplies, and I was quite happy with how everything was organized and the ease of access.

After getting organized I started putting my pages together very loosely.  Mostly just putting items in pockets that I might want to use without actually adhering or committing to any particular design.  Truthfully, I really found it a struggle to work in the 'pocket style' after doing 12x12 layouts for so long.  This might also have been exacerbated by the fact that I wasn't totally pumped about the supplies and that I haven't crafted for a few months.  It doesn't look super awesome but hopefully once I start adding pictures it'll all come together a bit nicer.  Anyways, here's what I have so far.

So you DD veterans- do you have any tips for me? How do you stay creative and do fun things with such small spaces? How do you print your photos in a timely manner without paying huge fees for shipping? What do you do when your supplies don't excite you?  How do you plan out an album in advance when you don't know what you'll be doing that month? I need all tips and tricks please!

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