Monday, December 22, 2014

My Listening List- Comedians

Hi everyone! Are you all getting into the holiday spirit? I am SO excited that Christmas is almost here!!!  Another exciting thing is that it falls on a Thursday this year which means I get Monday through Friday off work without having to take any vacation days :)  Then I work Saturday and Sunday and get ANOTHER Monday through Friday off without using vacation days because of New Years.  Pretty sweet, although I just finished my last MBA class for the year, which was brutal BTW, so now I'm not sure what to do with all of the free time I'll have.  I'm hoping I'll be spending it organizing the rest of my messy house and scrapbooking :D

Anyways, I wanted to continue my little 'series' about audiobooks and my personal Listening List.  This post will be dedicated to audiobooks written and performed by comedians.  I love listening to funny audiobooks- it's like a 7 hour stand up special :)  I feel like I've read a lot of the comedian books out there, however if you have any more recommendations please please share!

Let's Pretend This Never Happened: by Jenny Lawson

If you don't know who the Bloggess is than you are most definitely reading the wrong blog.  To get a general idea of how the book is, you can start with this blog post.  She is hilarious and her book is listed first because it is also hilarious and my favorite thus far.  Downright amazing. I'd been reading her blog for a while but it was a treat to hear her stories in her own words.  There's a lot of vagina talk and F bombs so if you're squeamish it's probably not for you, but for everyone else- LISTEN and then die laughing and thank me later.

Kasher in the Rye: by Moshe Kasher

This was a great and unique book by stand up comedian Moshe Kasher.  He grew up in a home with deaf parents, got addicted to drugs and alcohol as a young teenager, and then turned his life around to be the amazing comic he is today! Great book with funny stories and an interesting perspective.  If you'd like to see more of Moshe you can check out his special on Netflix- very funny!

Food- A Love Story: by Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan (the hot pockets guy to those of you who don't already know him) has also written Dad is Fat, which is equally funny, however I didn't listen to it on audiobook so I'm not listing it.  This book is hilarious and Robb and I follow his hot dog recipe to a T every time Charlie wants one.  Robb had some trouble with it at first but I think he's got it down now.  Hot dogs can be tough.

Bossypants: by Tina Fey

I loved this book- describing how Tina Fey transitioned from nerd to awesome SNL writer/anchor to mom to TV series writer to all of the other amazing things she does.  It was funny and relatable- highly recommend!

Yes Please: by Amy Poehler

I listened to this book as soon as it came out and thought it was really funny.  Particularly, the audio version is very cool.  She has lots of fun celebrity voices come to join her and the last chapter is read live.  Definitely one of the best audiobook performances I've heard so far!

God, No!: by Penn Jillette

I'm guessing most of my readers aren't atheists, but you'd still probably like this book.  It's dirty, rude, and funny in all of the best ways.  Penn is a clever and down to earth dude, and this book was a fun read.

Paddle Your Own Canoe: by Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation) is a favorite in my house.  I enjoyed his backstory and learning more about his life through this book, but it definitely had peaks and valleys.  Some of the instructional "learning" was geared more towards dudes (I don't need mustache growing tips, for instance) but it was still very enjoyable.

I've also read and thoroughly enjoyed Mindy Kaling's book, however it was in hardcopy so I'm not including it on my audiobook list.  I've also never tried David Sedaris- is he any good? More recommendations- GO!!

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