Monday, December 15, 2014

My Listening List- Learning Books

Hi there buddies! I thought today I'd share how I get through my long and boring daily commute.  If you haven't heard me bitch about my commute yet I have a one hour drive to work each way; and if you haven't heard me bitch about it yet than you must be new here so HI, I'm Cassie, nice to meet you.  Also since I work on weekends I usually have some sort of music, book, or podcast playing in the lab since it's way too quiet without some noise.  Typically I listen to anywhere between 10-14 hours of material just on the weekend, so I'm always looking for new recommendations.

Because I cross state lines I don't get great radio reception in my car a lot of the time without having to change stations a lot, so I don't bother listening to the radio.  This means I'm woefully ignorant on the new Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and, um, whoever other popular musicians are these days but that's fine with me.  I typically listen to a LOT of audiobooks and podcasts.  I have an Audible membership for $20/month that allows me any 2 audiobooks of my choosing, which I use quite often.

I thought I'd do a few posts on listening recommendations- starting with some of my favorite "learning books".  For every comedian or non fiction book I listen to I try and follow it up with a "learning book", one that might make me smarter or something like that. At least in theory, I have the memory of a gnat so not much of it sticks around in this big empty head of mine :)  Sometimes they bore me to tears, but other times they're really useful! I tend to gravitate towards either mony and banking or medical topics for the most part.  I'll just talk about the ones I liked here instead of the ones that I fell asleep during (I'm looking at you- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).

Learning Books I Recommend

Medical School For Everyone: Grand Rounds Cases

This book was amazing!  It was so interesting and very fun to guess the diagnosis- I got quite a few correct, too :) I felt like I learned a LOT (like how to perform CPR, how EM doctors work, etc) and it was informal enough that I was able to follow along very easily.

The Millionaire Next Door

This was such an interesting read.  Sometimes it was easy to space out when they started listing out statistics, but for the most part I found this fascinating.  The differences between prodigous accumulaters of wealth and underaccumulators of wealth was really enlightening.

Smart Money, Smart Kids

I love almost anything by Dave Ramsey, I think his approach to money is really smart and I'm working my way through his baby steps :) I wish I had found him 15 years ago!!  This book is really helpful with how to get your kids managing money and how to help them learn about it.  It gives advice for ages 3 and up and what to do for each developmental stage.  Highly recommend for anyone with a child! Or any adult that is drowning in credit card debt, for that matter.

The Introvert Advantage

I'm definitely an introvert, and this book was pretty enlightening.  Introvert doesn't mean shy, rude, or the bevy of other things people call us- it's just a different approach to socialization.  I found that very reassuring :)

Gulp, Packing for Mars and Bonk- by Mary Roach

I really love any book by Mary Roach.  She's also written Stiff: The Curious Life of the Human Cadaver which is a great book too, however I've never listened to the audio version so I didn't list it above.  Mary Roach is a journalist and she thoroughly covers the science in a very approachable way.  She's also VERY funny, making the books informative and hilarious. Gulp is all about human digestion (with a section on fecal transplants! ha!), Packing for Mars is about space travel and Bonk is about sex and sex research.  Both very interesting topics covered thoroughly by a very funny journalist.

In the Queue: 

The Great Courses: Money and Banking
The Great Courses: The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal
The Great Courses: How the Stock Market Works
One Doctor by Brendan Reilly

I'd love it if you shared your recommendations too!



  1. I love love love the Outlander series.

    1. I just looked them up, sounds really neat! Thanks for the tip!


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