Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!  We had a great Thanksgiving over here at Glue Meets Paper headquarters this year :) My mom wasn't able to host this year so she asked me to do it, and I was happy to oblige! As you know, I love to cook- so it was fun to plan a menu. I also enjoyed setting a nice table.  Six years ago I was given my grandma's gorgeous cream and gold porcelain dishes for a bridal shower present from my aunt (which I adore!) so I went with a full on cream and gold color scheme.  My mother brought a really pretty centerpiece and silver flatware, so that's why there are no forks and the vase is empty ;)

Robb and I also got new furniture this month, my parents have been giving us furniture gift cards over the last year so that helped us out a lot and enabled us to actually buy it.  You might have noticed throughout this blog that my couch has been covered with a quilt for the past 5 years.  This is because our stupid (I mean, awesome and adorable) doggies have torn the couch cushions to pieces.  Literally.  We've been sweeping up pieces of the couch cushions for years now.  But being the frugal (read: broke) people that we are, we held off on getting new couches.  Well the time had finally come to get some new couches, and then that snowballed into a new entertainment unit, which snowballed into a new dining room table, which snowballed into repainting the walls, which snowballed into new curtains etc. A real give a mouse a cookie type situation hehe.  Needless to say, we will be holding off on any other home improvements for quite some time lol.  AND the damn dogs aren't allowed on the couches anymore either! Anyways, the furniture looks great IMO and it was perfect timing for hosting Thanksgiving!

 OMG Adult furniture! 

 Finally- a cool way to display my fossil collection!

All the toys and kid stuff is nicely stored behind the couch resulting in less mess and a cleaner room. wahoo!

Anyways, back to Thanksgiving.  I'm not big into hosting big parties, but this year was small- just my parents and my aunt in addition to Robb, Charlie and myself.  I can handle 6 people....I cannot handle 16 people haha.  Of course I was busy cooking so I didn't get much time to get pictures, but here's a few Thanksgiving-y type pictures to share with you :)

Charlie made Indian hats at preschool the day before Thanksgiving- awwwww!

 It's not a party without a cheese plate.  Charlie ate almost that entire wedge of truffle cheese you see up there.  Everyone thought it was hilarious because he's SUCH a picky eater, but he LOVES fancy cheese.  They know us at the cheese shop because he loves to go there (I do too, of course).  He won't eat hardly anything but he'll gobble up expensive cheese like there's no tomorrow.  Kid's got expensive taste ;)

Leftover salad- this was quite yummy!  I used a cumin lime and honey vinaigrette, it made me feel less guilty about all the junk I also threw into my face later haha.

Post Thanksgiving relaxation! A throw, slippers, wine with pomegranate arils, and SVU on the TV.  Dig it.

Also I thought I'd share my menu - you can find almost all of the original recipes by checking out my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board!  I think the food tasted pretty good for the most part (minus a failed squash and kale dish that I didn't pay enough attention to while I was cooking and turned out gah-ross).  I don't really have any pictures of the food because we were too busy but I can assure you that these recipes turned out quite tasty if you ever wanted to try them out.  I think my favorite was definitely the sausage stuffed mushrooms (Ina Garten's recipe)- they were really yummy.


Cheese and salami plate with crackers
Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
Carmelized onion and mushroom tartlets with gruyere


Mixed greens with prosciutto, ricotta salata, roasted carrots, pomegranate, and almonds with a cumin honey-lime vinaigrette (this is the longest title in the world)
Turkey (obvssss)
Make-Ahead gravy
Bagged stuffing and canned cranberry sauce (solely for my husband who likes that stuff)
Green Bean Casserole
Mashed Potato Casserole
Brussel Sprouts with pecans, dried cranberries, and blue cheese
Sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows (my aunt brought this and it was super yummy!)


Mini apple struesel cheese cakes
Pecan pie


  1. The food sounds AH-MAY-ZING and your table looks GORGEOUS!!!!! Well done chick! Furniture looks fab too, liked your comment about it being "grown-up" LOL! We are needing grown-up furniture round 2 ... kids have trashed first lot especially the sofa. Yours looks super-comfy and stylish : )

    1. Thanks so much! It was so much fun to buy all that gold stuff for the table, I must say :) I hear you about kids trashing furniture- Robb and I realized shortly after we bought the new couch and pillows that Charlie would probably be more worrisome than the dogs! If I had a nickel for every time we told him "Pillows are not toys! Stop jumping on the couch!" haha


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