Friday, March 13, 2015

New 2015 Blog Header

Hi everyone!! It's a New Year (or it was back in January when I made this lol) which means I need a new blog header!  This year I went for a shabby chic vibe with lots of frills, flowers, and layers.  I used the past Miss Nelson kit from Noel Mignon and I really loved making it super girly!  Unfortunately I never got around to getting a photo from Robb so this is just an iPhone picture but hopefully it still looks OK :/

Here are the past 4 years of blog headers for your perusal:




So which one is your favorite?! I think 2012 is definitely one of my top choices but it's so hard to choose!


  1. I love them all - you are very talented - but my FAVORITE is 2013. I really like how you laid the ground patterns in radiating strips. It gives a sense of receding perspective to the composition. They also could be read as radiating sunshine rays! And I think the slightly bolder, deeper, more saturated, color scheme appeals to me, too. 2015's looking good - I like the glittery *meets*, the little camera you snuck in, and the cool barely there border of something with numbers. Almost looks like a bingo card, but it's not. What IS it? ps if you are not yet acquainted with the artist Joseph Cornell you should look up him up - right up your alley!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words! I like 2013 too, but I remember it taking forever to do all that sewing lol. You should write the descriptions for all of my blog projects, you're much better at it than I am! Glad you like the new header, and you are correct- that paper IS a bingo card pattern, good eye! Off to check out Joseph Cornell now, thanks for the tip :)


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