Monday, March 9, 2015

What We've Been Up To

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I've posted, sorry about that.  Things have been busy and boring all at once :) I will have some new posts coming up but for now here's a little glimpse to what we've been up to lately

I made a new 2015 Blog Header (which I really need to get photographed and posted on the blog already) and 3 new layouts!

Ungodly amounts of snow (this photo was just the first storm, there have been many more since so it's like 3 ft of snow everywhere at all times and it makes me want to cry)

I spent a month gathering ingredients and one very long day making the exact recipe for Momofuku ramen broth (which was delicious BTW, I'll be sharing the recipe!)

Charlie and I have been to an insane amount of Doctor's appointments

It's been cold enough to wear hats indoors (as if the stupid snow wasn't bad enough. I hate winter!)

Charlie made Valentine's Day treat bags for his friends and attended a Valentine's Day party at preschool

Lastly, Charlie is a bit under the weather at the moment and on a strong antibiotic to hopefully get rid of a cough he's had for a few weeks now.  Not sure what will happen- last year at this exact time Charlie was also on the same antibiotic (which didn't work) and had to be admitted to the hospital for IVs.  We're prepared if that happens but hoping that it doesn't obviously :) I'll update here as I learn more!

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