Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Minecraft Birthday Party, Cake, and Decorations

Hi friends! I wanted to share some photos of Charlie's 5th Minecraft Birthday Party today.  I admit, I went a little "Obnoxious Pinterest Mom Crazy" with the decorations but in my defense they don't really sell much Minecraft decor so you HAVE to make it yourself.  I had no choice but to craft my little heart out, it's a hard burden to bear I tell ya.

Anyways if you want some more inspiration I made a Minecraft Party Pinterest board you can check out HERE (ugh, it looks like I am totally the obnoxious Pinterest mom....sorry! But I promise the last 4 years I bought decorations instead of making them so please don't hate me kay?).

Ok so first I found some invitations I liked on Etsy and had them printed at Staples onto postcards. You can find them HERE. The party was held at a Bounce House here in CT which Charlie adores. Plus this way I don't have to clean my house up after a bunch of 5 years olds trash it. Winning.

I also purchased some water bottle wrappers, food labels, and TNT label files (see links for ordering info).  I printed these out on regular printer paper and trimmed using my paper cutter.

I wrapped mini water bottles using the 'minecraft potion' wrappers, Charlie was a wee bit disappointed when none of the potions actually worked lol.

I matted the food labels onto green cardstock and folded into little tents. I set up a candy bar with all of the different candy representing items in Minecraft, I saw this idea on Pinterest and just thought it was too adorable not to do! Little did I know how difficult it would be to obtain the correct candies! This is a list of what I used
  • Potatoes: potato chips
  • Carrots: cheese doodles
  • Sticks: pretzels
  • Diamonds: blue rock candy
  • Fish: gummy sharks
  • Redstone: cinnamon candies and licorice wheels
  • Coal: black Twizzler pieces
  • Apples: red cherry candies
  • Golden apples: lemon candies
  • Silver Ore: Hershey's milk chocolate nuggets
  • Gold Ore: Hershey's dark chocolate nuggets
  • Watermelon: Sour Patch watermelon candies

Robb didn't get a great picture of the whole table (grumble grumble) but hopefully you get the idea.

I taped the TNT labels around these 2 inch mini plastic cube boxes. I bought the boxes off Amazon and then filled them with twizzlers to look like boxes of TNT.  Cute, right?

I made some banners to hang on the candy table and gift table. These were fairly simple to make, I just used regular colored cardstock and then threaded the banner through with black ribbon.

I also made some hanging decorations, specifically a Ghast, Blaze, Creeper face and an Enderman. Both the Enderman and Creeper were made from streamers and square plates that were included in this Minecraft party kit on Amazon.

The Ghast was a simple cardboard box wrapped in white tissue paper with card stock shapes acting as the face. This was easy to make and could be converted into a pinata pretty easily I would imagine.

The Blaze was a cardboard box covered in yellow tissue paper and the blaze rods are toilet paper rolls that I either wrapped in yellow tissue paper or painted gray.

Instead of actual flowers I decided to papercraft pixelated Minecraft flowers, which was somewhat tedious and fun at the same time. I crafted each one on 1 sheet of 8.5x11 white cardstock following THIS template. I then taped them to a dowel and stuck it inside a mason jar filled with florist foam. I covered with fake moss to make it look like it was growing out of the jar. SN: I found these green jars at Michaels on sale for .79 cents each! I tried to paint creeper faces on them but well, let's say freehand painting isn't my forte.

For other decor for the tables I folded lots of Minecraft 3D critters and blocks from this Minecraft papercraft kit. I know there are a lot of free printables out there but I figured it was easier to spend the $9 than to print and hand cut each individual pattern.  I bought 2 grass tablecloths from Amazon as well, although I should have bought 4 since we wound up being short 2 tableclothes so the table the kids sat at didn't really match. Oh well! You can find the plates and other party supplies I used HERE.

We also needed goodie bags of course! The venue supplied goodie bags already so we just put those little plastic bags into my awesome handmade ones. The actual colored bags were bought at iParty and then I paper pieced the designs onto them. StampyCat is Charlie's favorite youtube guy so I made half with his obnoxiously detailed little face and the other half as Creepers which was much easier lol. Only one kid actually knew who Stampy was besides Charlie but that's ok- Charlie liked them and that's what matters!

I also made Charlie a pair of Creeper shoes. I will show a tutorial on this in another blog post and then link back here for those of you interested :)

Lastly, I made Charlie a Minecraft cube cake topped with his three favorite Minecraft YouTube characters- StampyCat, Ballistic Squid, and Lee Bear. I'll have a separate tutorial for this cake as well that I can link back to here. In a nutshell, it is chocolate "dirt" cake with "grass" frosting, rice crispy "sand", and jello "water". Driving over to the venue Robb had to hold the cake on his lap and everytime I made a turn the jello started sliding all over the cake board LOL, it was giving us both a heart attack! It actually wound up being a great idea to have 3 different types of dessert for all the kids to choose from, quite a few kids picked the jello over cake!

OK I think that's all of the projects (phew! Told you I went overboard)!! I hope you liked everything :) The party went really well and everyone had a great time.  Please let me know if you have any questions-- I'd be happy to help anyone else attempting a Minecraft party :)

And of course here's the Birthday Boy in his Creeper shoes!


  1. Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! Lots of inspiration here, and I have to get going for my son's party. I don't have a blog, so maybe if I end up with anything good, I'll email you a photo. Thanks again!

    1. Please do, I'd love to see your party decorations :) Thanks for the kind words!

  2. That looks like a fantastic party. I am definitely going to make those hanging Ghasts and Blazes. Well done!

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad you got some inspiration from my post :) The Ghast and Blaze were both done in about 15 minutes, easiest decorations everrrrrr!

  3. This Minecraft theme, Cake and Decorations everything is just perfect in this Birthday Party!! My favorite part of this party is the cake. I would love to make this cake for my son on his coming birthday that I am going to celebrate at some local Los Angeles venues.

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the party decorations :)

  4. hi i really love your ideas but i have a question how did you keep the labels from tearing when you were keeping the drinks cold??

    1. Hi Cynthia, I just served the water room temperature and made everyone deal with it because it was more important to me that the labels stay on than it was for my guests to be properly hydrated ;)


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