Friday, November 13, 2015

Family Vacation in Washington

Hi everyone, I'm still working on some "catch up" posts so this is back from May, when it was still light out at 430 *grumble grumble*. My grandfather had his 95th birthday in May so everyone on his side of the family drove or flew out to eastern Washington state to help him celebrate! My grandpa is an awesome dude! He's a WWII veteran, farmer, and all around great guy. He still lives by himself and is in pretty darn good health for being 95! He says it's because he rides his exercise bike everyday and does Sudoku :)  Robb unfortunately had a wedding that day and couldn't come along so it was just me and Charlie!

BTW I asked Charlie's CF clinic about another option for breathing treatments while we were out there so I didn't have to lug around Charlie's big vest machine in addition to all our luggage in addition to watching Charlie in a crowded airport and they gave us a great little gadget. It's called a PEP; Charlie blows into it and a valve causes his lungs to vibrate. It's very small, especially compared to the vest, and was fairly easy for a 4 year old to use. We were able to do it on the plane, even! It's a bit more hands on because I had to coach Charlie to keep doing deep breaths but man was it nice not to have to lug around that Vest machine!  Any CF parents take note if you've been lugging around the Vest like me :)

Of course first I have to mention that Charlie graduated preschool in May (he's now in kindergarten!! eek!) and his graduation was super duper cute :)  And, bonus, this year he didn't spend the whole performance rolling around on the flow and knocking down curtain rods!  Oh did I forget to tell you about that last year? I think I still might be embarrassed. Annnnnnywayssssssss..

When the time came to go to Washington I was pretty nervous about the trip! It started out at 4 AM when I got Charlie and left to drive to our carpark in Boston. We arrived around 6 and then didn't get to the airport until 630 because of the shuttle taking forever. And our flight left at 715. Whoops. We eventually got through security and onto the airplane but I was pretty anxious for a while there. Thankfully Charlie was SUPER awesome during the 6 hour flight and happily played with his iPad while I took a nap. Then HE took a nap while I read a book. It was totally the opposite of what I expected and thank goodness for that!

We arrived in Seattle at 1115 west coast time and my aunt picked us up.   She brought us to this cute little town called Edmonton for lunch so Charlie could watch the ferries on the water.  Charlie was a little cranky then so we went back to her house, which is totally beautiful BTW, for some relaxing.  My Aunt has an amazing, amazing quilting room that must be every quilt makers dream!  She grilled us some amazing rib eye steaks for dinner and then Charlie and I crashed. 

We were up early the next morning to drive to Othello, WA where my grandfather lives. It's about a 4 hour drive and we were hoping to arrive around 10am, luckily Charlie and I were still on east coast time so we weren't too tired.   The drive from Seattle to Othello is so WEIRD. It's a lush forest with lots of greenery half of the way and then you drive over a big mountain pass and all of a sudden it's a big flat desert. That abrupt change of scenery always throws me for a loop!

We arrived in Othello and had a chance to say hi to everyone! My grandfather was there, my cousin (my aunt's daughter) and her hubby and child (who Charlie had a great time playing with!), my parents who had driven cross country from CT, and my uncle and aunt plus my two cousins on their side. I hadn't seen many of these relatives in years so it was fun to see them again :)

Charlie and his coustin playing in the mini pool! When I was a baby I used to play in the exact same kiddie pool, crazy huh?  Hard to believe it still holds water after 30 years :o

Charlie with Aunt Penny and Great GrandpaDad

Great grandpa, Charlie and his cousin Lauren enjoying rides in the golf cart

fun fun fun!

The kids loved Grandpa's golf cart, since he lives on a golf course he was able to bring them out for lots of rides!

We had a great party at the country club down the road with a barbecue lunch, champagne, and a delicious cake! We all told our favorite stories about Grandpa and it was very silly and fun. 

And then what felt like as soon as we adjusted to the time difference we were on our way back home!  It was a great trip and I am so thankful Charlie is such a laid back dude that behaved well with all the driving and on the planes. The adjustment back to CT was a bitch for me though, I could NOT get over my jetlag because of my work schedule. I usually am up at 530AM to leave the house by 6AM to get to work at 7AM and with a 3 hour time difference it was way too hard to get moving at what felt like 230AM!!  Next time I'll have to remember to give myself a couple days to recover ;) 


  1. How wonderful.

    Great Grandpa's beautiful spirit shines true and bright in all these photos.

    I'm not religious, but God bless him!

    ps the still functioning *vintage* kiddie pool? - AMAZING!

    1. Thanks so much, what a kind thing to say :) He is one awesome guy that is for sure!


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