Monday, November 9, 2015

Minecraft Cake Tutorial

Happy Monday folks! I'm finishing up my third and last Minecraft post today (so if you don't know what it is don't worry I'm done after this). You can find my first post about Charlie's party HERE and a Creeper shoe tutorial HERE.

I initially was going to simply buy a cake for Charlie's party like I have done previously but once I started looking for Minecraft party ideas I saw about a million Minecraft Block Cakes that looked SO cool that I had to try it. You can see some other configurations on my Minecraft Pinterest board HERE

I followed instructions for making the cake and blue jello exactly from YoYoMax 12 on YouTube. You can find a VERY helpful and detailed video and recipes HERE

Basically, to start you will bake a 11x18inch chocolate sheet cake which you will make extra stable by adding powdered pudding and egg whites (See video above for exact recipe). After it has been baked let cool for a few minutes and then flip it out onto a wire rack so the top doesn't get too puffy. Then slide off onto a cutting board and trim the edges so it's a crisp rectangle (not shown in picture below)

Use a ruler and chef's knife to cut a zig zag pattern about halfway through the cake. Each cut should be approximately 2 inches long and 2 inches wide. One piece will be the base for your cake and the other piece can be further cut into more blocks to stack on top. Each individual block for my cake is approximately 2x2inches. Once you have your bottom piece transfer to a cake plate to start assembling. To make the top stack cut a  stair case shaped 6 block piece that is 3 blocks by 3 blocks. I had 4 blocks leftover and used them to stack on top in a configuration that I liked. You can get creative here and do whatever you think looks best!  Lastly, place a dowel through any blocks that aren't secured down so they don't fall off the cake.

You will also need to make one batch of rice crispy treats, I used the recipe on the back of the box (6 cups of rice crispies, 1 package mini marshmallows, 3 tbsp butter). Instead of filling up one 9x13 inch pan I only filled it halfway with rice crispy treats because I wanted the blocks to be 2 inches high instead of their normal height of 1 inch when spread out fully in the pan. Cut your treats into 2x2inch blocks and save the remaining strips. Add next to your cake blocks to represent sand.

Use the leftover strips to surround the bare sides of chocolate cake showing. I thought this framed it off nicely but it's an optional step, you might like being able to see the "dirt" on the bottom of the cake.

Use a star or grass tip to pipe green icing onto the cake to represent grass. I used a premade green icing that comes in a bag with a tip already attached because I was being lazy!

Prior to serving you can add your jello (aka water)! The recipe is made using 4 packages of jello (I think the blue Jolly Rancher brand jello makes the prettiest blue personally) and half the amount of water the box recipe requires. I made the jello in a small loaf pan which I then cut into 2x2 inch cubes using a chef's knife. You can see that a lot of my cubes aren't a perfect block shape or identical with each other- I'm ok with that and dont think it really takes away from the cake. However if you want perfect cubes you can try cutting with a piece of dental floss for more clean cuts. Using a ruler and a chefs knife to cut perfect cubes out of slippery jello like I did can be tricky!

Lastly I added our figurines (Stampy, Ballistic Squid, and Lee Bear) and the cake was done!

The kids at the party all loved the cake! I was surprised because they actually ate the jello and crispy treats too, not just cake. It was so cute watching them pick out their favorite part of the cake :)  I figured no one would bother with the jello but so many kids chose that over chocolate! Who knew?!

I hope this was helpful- if you make a Minecraft cake please do send me photos!

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