Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Minecraft Creeper Shoe Tutorial

Hey there buddies! I wanted to share a quick and easy tutorial on how I made Charlie's Minecraft Creeper shoes for his birthday (If you missed that post you can find it here). It was seriously one of his favorite gifts on his birthday- and that's saying something because he also got a gigantic police lego set ;).  Check out this video of him opening them, I think it's so funny how he's screaming "It's the Creeper shoes!!"

Here's how I made them- it was super simple! This was my first time so it wasn't perfect but I think they look pretty good anyways and I'll let you know any improvements I thought would have helped.

First get your shoes (these are Circo brand from Target) and some verrrrrry thin masking tape, I got mine from Amazon HERE. Start doing vertical stripes all throughout the top of the shoe.  I did not choose to do the back of the shoes and only did the tops and part of each side. The vertical stripes should be approximately 1/2 inch apart, I eyeballed it but you can measure it out if you're nervous. Press the tape onto the shoe so it's actually contacting the canvas (this can be tricky because the shoes aren't perfectly flat)

And then repeat the process going horizontally.

Next you can start painting! I used basic fabric paint from Michaels that was on sale for less than a dollar each and it worked just fine- so you don't have to spend a lot. First you will want to add the Creeper face as close to the middle of the shoe as possible, again I eyeballed this.  Each Creeper face is made using 4 squares for each eye, 2 squares for the nose, 8 squares for the mouth + one square on the bottom of each side. I hope that makes sense, you can always follow the photo above as a template! I chose to actually paint the squares black even thought I was already using a black shoe because I wanted to be able to see the difference between the black paint and black shoe; I thought it would blend it better with the rest of the shoe. That being said you can just leave it black without painting as well, it's up to you!

Next you will continue painting using all of your different colors, I picked randomly which colors went where but I did try to not have two of the same color next to each other. I chose to do 4 different shades of green plus silver. One thing I would do differently is to paint some of the squares for the lighter greens and silver white first. Because the shoes were so dark I had to paint MANY coats of light green and silver to get it to be as bold as I wanted it to be. If I had painted white first it would have shown up much easier. 

Let dry overnight and then you can peel the tape off. Once the shoes are fully completed you can spray with this fabric protector. How awful would it be to spend all this time painting these shoes just for it to wash away in a rain storm? This protector has worked great for us so far! 

And voila! You're done! Here's Charlie modeling the shoes :)

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