Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Our Summer

Since it has been so long since I updated the blog I thought I'd do a quick re-cap post about our summer. What we've been doing and some fun summer memories- that kinda thing.  I'll have a few more recap posts coming up about some of the more important events from the past 7 months too.  Not sure how interesting that will be for anyone but at least I'll have it for myself to look back on haha.  

Charlie started doing a funny little dance where he just pumps his arms up and down. He randomly did it once at the grocery store as he was dancing along to whatever music they were playing and I died laughing because he looked so silly. Ever since then he is constantly doing this dance to make me laugh. Every. Where. We. Go. Lunch = dancing. Fro Yo = dancing. Haircut = Dancing. Errands = Dancing. Driving = Dancing. He's even been known to peek around doorways and start dancing when you least expect it lol.

We had a great 4th of July filled with beach, family, fun, fireworks and sparklers! I love these photos because you can see exactly what was going through Charlie's head as he held the sparkler-- seriousness, apprehension, worry, and then excitement haha.

My dad painted his stock car with Charlie's favorite cartoon characters and named it the "Charlie Special" - Charlie loves it!

We did many weeks of Swim Camp and had fun swimming in our pool too!  At least until Robb told me that he found a baby spider nest inside of a pool noodle and hundreds of baby spiders drowned in the pool. That was the day the fun stopped and the pool became dead to me.

We visted Grandpa again at his metal shop and they made their very own motorcycle together.

Many trips to events at the library! A complete stranger covertly snapped this picture of the two of us reading and then emailed it to me because she thought I'd like to have it. I'm just now realizing we were sitting under a sign that says "Stop It's a Photo Op" and maybe that's why she took the picture.....*dawning realization*.....ohhhhhhh

Splash pads with our nanny!  Who BTW we no longer have any more- she went off to graduate school right around when Charlie started Kindergarten so it worked out nicely since we didn't need a nanny anymore anyways. It's very weird not having someone at home to help us out with things like cleaning, laundry, and treatments! But since Charlie is now gone at Kindgarten for my 3 days away from work I have time to do more chores so I guess it works out just fine.

We spent a ridiculous amount of time at the beach this summer! Robb and I have every Monday off together but since he was so super busy photographing weddings this summer he requested that Charlie and I give him some time alone to edit every Monday. I'm pretty sure he only edited 50% of the time we were gone and spent the other 50% enjoying having the house to himself haha. Anyways, in order to give Robb some time alone to work Charlie and I went to the beach pretty much every week in addition to going to the beach with his nanny in addition to going to the beach whenever he stayed overnight with my parents because Robb was working on the weekend. So a LOT of beach time.

Robb and Charlie went on their first camping trip! I did not join them, and was very pleased about that. It all started when I saw a tent on a lighting deal on Amazon, which turned into Robb buying it for a camping trip, which turned into Robb buying literally every camping supply known to man for a 2 day camping trip  that was only 10 minutes away from our house at a camping site with electricity. 

The morning of the big camping trip Charlie spiked a small fever and started complaining of a sore neck. After a horrifying Google search told us it could be a deadly meningitis infection we rushed to the pediatrician where they told us he was fine and just slept on his neck funny. Since he gave the boys the clear to go camping off they went and when they got home I went to give Charlie a bath and found two HUGE bullseye rashes on his legs and thought "oh shit, it's Lyme Disease". So back to the pediatrician we went where they said "Oh yes, there's a huge Lyme Disease outbreak right now, this is the 4th kid today we've seen with it" which prompted us to ask "Then why the fuck didn't the pediatrician from 2 days ago think to look for it when we were here, especially considering a sore neck is freaking symptom?!" except we said it politely and she gave us a non committal shrug which did NOT make us feel better. Anyways, we got a new 30 day supply of antibiotics (MORE meds! Wooohooo) and Charlie is now right as rain but man, poor kid! 

Charlie and my mom attended my end of Summer work picnic. They had bounce houses, face painters, and Charlie's favorite- a balloon artist! He made Charlie all sorts of weapons like a sword, holster, bow and arrow, and a helmet. Such a boy...

And as with every year we ended things with Charlie's birthday! His birthday was the 3rd day of Kindergarten so he was gone for most of the day but we tried to make it special for when he got home with balloons and presents :)

OK I think that's a fair recap of the summer! Hope you all had fantastic summers as well, now that daylight savings time has hit I sure do miss summer already.  Gonna be a loooooong winter.


  1. Charlie has one of the best faces in the world!

    Glad to hear your family is doing well.

    Winter? Be afraid. Be very afraid...

    1. Thank you!! I tell ya, I never get sick of hearing that :)


  2. Lovely to have you back blogging again. The spider bit had me in stitches haha! LOVED the Minecraft party - my Miss 10 has new obsession with Minecraft so loved seeing your photos : )

    1. Thank you Neroli! I mean, if you knew your husband was terrified of spiders would YOU tell him that a million spider babies had drowned in your pool? Glad I've got some back up here for next time haha ;)


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