Monday, November 16, 2015

The BEST Michaels haul ever and a Giveaway

DUDE. YOU GUYS. I had an INSANE shopping experience at Michaels on Tuesday. Like, completely bananas.  I went in to look for some cookie cutters totally on a lark and saw a huge bin of $2 grab bags. I had never seen this before- it was a bunch of "crappy" looking plastic bags filled with who knows what for $2. I initially walked right by them but after I couldn't find the cookie cutter I wanted I came back to them and HOLY CRAP THANK GOD I DID. 

I assumed a bunch of junk would be in the grab bags but NO. They were filled with amazingness, apparently anything that had been on clearance and didn't sell. I think each bag had a retail value between $20-$40.  Seriously. Because they were in plastic bags I could see through them and as soon as I saw some of the stuff in them I spent a LONG time picking out almost half the bin. 

What was in them to necessitate a blog post about a stupid sale? Well....SNAP albums, Project Life albums, Marquee lights, Burlap table runners, Candles, Candle holders, Wilton Decorating Supplies (I got cookie cutters after all!), and about a trillion other things. 

I bought 12 bags the first day and somehow only got charged for 11 so it cost $23.  Seriously $23. WTH.  Here's what I got.  I'm not kidding, this ALL cost $23.

Freaking ridiculous right?!?!?!??!?!?! 4 Project Life albums, 2 SNAP albums, 50 (!!!) rolls of Washi tape, and a trillion other things.  The worst part? The day that I bought the SNAP albums for $2 the SNAP album I had ordered online for $20 arrived. LOL, so much regret. They were exactly the same except the one I ordered was red and cost $18 more.

Afterwards I went to another Michaels 30 minutes away to buy up their supply too but they didn't have as much variety. The other Michaels was just Halloween supplies so I only bought 4 bags because I already had quite a bit of Halloween decor (not to mention I had shopped Target Clearance a few days before too haha)

So I thought I'd share what came in each individual $2 grab bag-- I bought 15 bags total.  Check it out:

Check out the look on Charlie's face, he's like "holy crap Mom, what did you do?" LOL.  I think the best bag was the last one on the left. It included marquee light up letters (WTF Seriously?!), halloween tassels, 4 Wilton baking supply trays, a skull top, 2 pumpkin carving kits, a roll of burlap, a wooden container, 2 witch masks, a bow, and halloween lace.  All that cost $2. It's unbelievable.

So why am I sharing this??  I had no idea this existed so if you see the grab bags at Michaels grab them all and BUY THEM. It's super important to dig down to the bottom!  And hurry your butt to Michaels in case they still have some, sheesh. 

Anyways on to the giveaway!  I have lots of scrapbooking/decor supplies from these grab bags that I don't necessarily require. If you leave a comment with something entertaining I'll pick one winner to send a big huge fun box of Michaels grab bag goodies PLUS some of my own stash as well!  So leave a comment and I'll pick a winner in a few days :D


  1. Great haul... I love great sales.

  2. I don't have anything entertaining BUT you hit the mother load!!!!! It's very kind of you to share! I don't have a Michaels that's a bummer!


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