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Hi, my name is Cassandra- welcome to my blog, Glue Meets Paper!  Glue Meets Paper started out as a scrapbooking tutorial blog but has quickly become much more varied, so you will see a wide array of different topics from scrapbooking to cooking to Cystic Fibrosis.

The Quick Version: mom, scientist, crafter, cookbook author, guitar player, weight loss expert, 'actually keeping the weight off' novice, pro-vaccine, ardent audiobook listener, and expert margarita tester.

The Long Version: I live in Connecticut with my  son Charlie and our two pug/boston terrier dogs Baxter and Emma.  I work in the biotech industry as a QC Immunochemist in Rhode IslandI've worked in all different types of laboratory positions since I was 16 years old (so about 16 years now), ranging from intern to chemist to scientist to researcher. 

In my down time I love to scrapbook and pretty much make anything involving paper (wreaths, cards, banners, mini albums, you name it!).  I've been published over 70 times in many papercrafting publications which you can see HERE.  Every so often when my schedule allows I join a design team for some fun :)

My son, Charlie was born in August 2010.  Two weeks after he was born he was diagnosed with the genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis.  My husband and I didn't realize we were both carriers for the gene and it doesn't run in our family so it really came as a shock to us.  CF is a chronic life long disease that causes your body to produce excess sticky mucus, which gums up all your organ systems; in particular the digestive tract and lungs.  As of this writing (Apr 2014) Charlie is administered medication about 16 times per day and has 2 hours of breathing treatments per day.  Occasionally I will post about living with a child with CF or other CF related topics.  To read about Charlie's diagnosis click here.

One other topic I cover on my blog every so often is Freezer Meals.  Due to my long commute and hectic evenings I love to make freezer meals to save time.  I love this concept SO much that I've written a cookbook about it! You can find more information on my book Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes that Make Dinner Quick and Easy HERE.

Well, I think that is pretty much it!  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to say HI!


  1. Hi Cassandra, nice to meet you! I found your blog from Lauren at Felix and Victor (I'm star-struck at their Australian life!). I have 2 kids with CF and my husband and I grew up in southeastern New England, he in East Providence and I in Somerset, MA (right by the RI line). How are the CF clinics there? Oh, we live in Alaska now; moved there on our honeymoon 23 years ago. Your Charlie is cute, cute, cute ~ love that autumn picture right above! Again, glad to see you here and have a great day!

    1. Nice to "officially" meet you Allison! I've been keeping up with your blog on the CF blogroll as well :) I didn't realize you and your husband were both New England transplants though!


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