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I offer a number of advertising options for people or companies that are a good fit for my blog audience. This includes but is not limited to sidebar ads, sponsored posts, and product reviews.  If you are interested and would like to learn more about the advertising options available please contact me at:

If you're interested in supporting my blog then first of all, thanks! You're a pretty awesome person, aren't ya?  There are a few ways to support my blog that are super duper easy.  First, you can click on my sponsor links (in the right hand column on the site) and if you like what you see- support them and purchase.  Second, you can follow my blog!  You can do this by looking in the righthand column of the site and following on Feedly, BlogLovin, Blogger, or signing up to get email updates.  Lastly, you can use my affiliate links at Amazon whenever you make a purchase.  Just simply click on either link below when you want to make a purchase.  Thanks guys- you're the best :D

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