Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Butterfly Wreath

Back again! Happy Easter everyone!  I'm here today to share a quick photo tutorial on how to make a Spring-y Butterfly Wreath, see below :)  I made this wreath for the challenge over at the Crate Paper blog which is to use wings, so I took that as butterflies and set about making a wreath.

Sooooooo to start out I bought a wreath base and gathered up supplies that had the bright and cheery feel I was going for.

Then I wrapped the whole thing in white ribbon, since I usually don't cover the sides 100% I like to see ribbon instead of that green foam staring back at me.

Then I gathered all the flowers I could find that went with my color scheme and I also made a bunch of rosettes at various sizes (using my Tim Holtz rosette die)

First of all I looped some yellow ribbon around the top so I could hang my wreath

Then I added my largest flowers and rosettes, roughly equally around the circle

And then I kept adding flowers and rosettes, medium to smaller ones

Once the big parts of the wreath were filled up I used little hydrangea flowers (punched) to fill in any of the smaller gaps.

Then I took some beading wire and twisted it in little curly-Q's.  After that I hot glued chipboard butterflies onto the wire and added this to the center of the wreath.

To finish off- I added a bow to the top of the wreath and some buttons and brads to the centers of the rosettes.  Easy peasy!  Here's another photo of the finished product:

And a few detail shots of all the different flowers (sorry these photos arent as nice, I forgot to ask Robb to take detail shots so these are with my iPhone!)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Noel Mignon Spring Fling Challenges

Hi everyone! I'm here today to share the 5 layouts that I made for the Noel Mignon Spring Fling Crop.  The prize up for grabs is a Guest Designer spot and I MUST win! lol, but no...seriously....haha

Anyways in order to win you need to play along with all 5 challenges and I had such a blast, the challenges really got me to think creatively and I was totally "in the zone" all week, which is rare!  I hope you like my submissions, I'll be back in a few days with some more projects :)

Warning: this is picture heavy but I got my hubby to take photos so it's worth it :)

Challenge #1: Spring Journaling Prompt (made using Daffodill Hill kit)

Challenge #2: Ombre -who can resist a good ombre challenge?  amiright? (Made using Charm School kit)

Challenge #3: Homemade Flower - I made a flower using washi tape and a crochet doily (both found in the Daffodil Hill kit)

Challenge #4: Using a rainbow!  This one had me stumped at first but then I remembered these shapes I had been saving that Charlie punched out and decided they would be perfect for a rainbow layout.

Challenge #5: Spring Cleaning- use at least 3 Noel Mignon kits.  In this challenge I actually used 4 (and some leftovers of a SC kit too)!  I'm not sure if I love this layout, it's much busier than I usually go for but 4 out of 5 keepers is still good IMHO!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Hiya peoples!  I'm here today to announce the winner of my 3 year anniversary giveaway!  The winner was chosen using the random number generator and this is who they chose:

Janet Zeppa March 19, 2013 at 12:54 PM

"How kind and generous you are!! I really enjoyed the review that you just did on monthly scrapbook kits. I checked each one out!!"

Yay! Congrats to Janet Zeppa!  Shoot me an email at with your mailing address and I'll get your TWO giant boxes of goodies sent over to you as soon as I can :)

In scrappy news- I've been feverishly working away on layouts (two so far this week! considering it takes me hours to make one layout this is actually pretty darn good for me lol).  Robb said he'd take photos for me on Saturday so make sure to be on the lookout this weekend for lots of crafty goodness!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jillian and I

I feel like I should be writing that with little hearts and stars around Jillian's name, because I have become SUCH a humongous Jillian Michaels fan lol. 

I haven't updated about my weight loss endeavours very recently because as you know I fell right off that Atkins wagon.  My husband? He's rockin it, down 25lbs and counting!  Go Robbie!  I just had a hard time fitting it into my lifestyle and then I lost motivation verrrrry quickly with the switch to the new job.

So I thought to myself, what should I try?  Weight Watchers? That's always worked in the past.  But then I remembered my old buddy, Jillian Michaels.  I used her program this past summer and lost about 20lbs before I fell off the wagon.  I used it a bit but didn't record my food or really listen to what she suggested- I used her site as a spring board and then did my own thing.  Well this time I'm totally committed and I'm taking the time to learn everything that Jillian tries to teach her members.  And it is WORKING!  I'm down almost 11lbs in about 3 weeks, which has been awesome and I feel great.  I want to lose another 10-15lbs before my trip to Puerto Rico in May :)  I'll share a photo when the weight loss is actually noticeable to someone besides myself lol.

If you don't know about Jillian Michaels website I'll give you a quick breakdown.  She sets up your meal plan for the week (and a shopping list), she gives you customized daily workouts, and you also have access to her Podcasts (awesome) and the community messageboards.  It's a great service, and cheaper than Weight Watchers.  It's basically counting calories (calories in < calories out), clean eating, and getting moving. 

One device she offers that I've found very helpful is the BodyMedia 360 Navigator arm band.  This is typically $120, so way out of my price range.  However I sold my old Nike FuelBand for $90 and then got a discount on the armband with my membership so it only cost $10 at the end of the day ;)  It's so darn cool, it measures calories burned, intensity level, foot steps taken, sleep efficiency, and integrates with Jillian's website where I record my food intake.  So it gives me my calorie defecit each day and it's super helpful to see that number every night.  I LOVE it.  You can see an example of the dashboard below.  It is NOT mine (I promise, i do NOT weight 320 pounds, not that there's anything wrong with that), I just grabbed it off Google Images.  But it's cool, you can expand on each section and you get a little graph of expenditures over time (like when I get up from my desk to pee every 3 minutes, thanks to having to 'stay hydrated', I can see peaks on my little graph. Or should I call them pee-ks? lollolz).

I also adore her workout DVDs- right when I decide to give it 50% I hear Jillian going "I know you're tired! Don't give up! Come on you gotta work for it!" and it convinces me to really dig deep.  She's on tour right now and is coming to Worcester April 30th but alas no one else is as obsessed with Jillian as I am so I'll probably sit it out :(

Before I started my new job I bought myself a pair of pants.  They were 1-2 sizes smaller than the pants I normally wear.  These are my goal pants, they're super cute and I really want to wear them.  I think about them every morning and hopefully I will squeeze into them in a few more weeks!

Oh and btw theyre on sale at Old Navy right now for $22 .  Perfect spring jeans right?

Well anyways I just wanted to check in to let you know that I'm still working at this! It's not easy fitting in working out into my busy schedule but I really love the sense of accomplishment I get when I'm done (plus it's been crazy to see how quickly I'm improving).  I'll be back in another month or so with a picture of myself rocking those jeans lol!

In other news, I will choose a winner for my big giveaway tomorrow!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

This Week in Pictures

Hi everyone! First off- just a reminder about my big giveaway for my 3 yr anniversary that you can find HERE.  I'll be choosing a winner sometime this week!

I don't have a scrappy project to share today (just a few sneaks until I get better pictures) so I thought I'd just share some photos from last week.

I started working on a fun and cheery springtime wreath that I can't wait to share with you all!

Charlie woke up with a major case of bedhead and then later in the day got himself a free purple rose at a florist downtown :)

Speaking of Charlie, Robb taught him to flip the broken toggle switch on our Xbox controller so he thinks he's playing videogames while it's really just Robb lol

And someone broke into my phone and started taking pictures haha....

And last but not least, Robb had a photo booth at a Wedding Expo in Mystic, CT :)  It was all day on Sunday so we dropped off Charlie with his grandparents Saturday night so we could prepare.  We had a fun date night/dinner Saturday and then spent all day Sunday setting up and manning the booth.  Very tiring talking to all those brides but it was fun and hopefully he'll get a few weddings from it :)  If you know anyone in the CT/RI area looking for a photographer Robb is your man!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Charlie Update :)

Hiya friends!  First off I want to remind you about my mega huge giveaway for my 3 year blog-a-versary!  Go here to check it out and enter to win!

Second, I wanted to give you guys a Charlie update!  I am thrilled to say that Charlie is now Pseudomonas NEGATIVE! Yeah, that's right! NEGATIVE! SUCH great news! Charlie started culturing the really nasty Pseudomonas bacteria back in October and it just would not go away no matter how many antibiotics we threw at it. But now, finally, 5 months later and it's gone! He will still have to be on monthly cycles of TOBI and Zithromycin (antibiotics), and he will have to culture negative for one whole year before he's considered "psuedomonas free", but this is a GREAT start!  We are so happy that the extra hour of treatments have finally started making a difference.  Yippee! 

SN: When Charlie was around 6 months old we were asked to participate in a video that would be given to newly diagnosed parents of CF babies.  They needed a 'baby model' for the video to show how to do chest PT, give enzymes, blah blah.  We of course said YES because something like that would have been so helpful when we first found out!  Anyways, we got a copy of the DVD years ago but I just realized that it's on the CFF website now!  If you wanna see Charlie at 6 months old you can check it out HERE.  Go to the Enzymes/Nutrition and Airway Clearance videos to see his cute little mug.  Man he was little! 

Here's a quick breakdown of Charlie life at 2.5years old :)
0600-0700: Climb into bed with daddy while mommy gets ready for work


  • 7mL Prilosec
  • 3 enzymes
  • Breakfast (Pediasure 1.5, cheese stick, yogurt)
0800-0900: Treatment #1

  • 3 puffs of Albuterol,
  • 1 vial of Pulmicort in the nebulizer
  • Physiotherapy Vest (20min)
  • 1 vial of TOBI for psuedomonas (30 min, this is one month on, one month off. I hate the 'on' months because it takes sooooo long and charlie loses his patience after the first 30min of his treatment)
0900-1200: Rock and Roll Party Time. If he's with me we usually do errands, if he's with his nanny she'll usually bring him somewhere fun, if he's with Robb they usually play cars (I think mommy time sounds the least fun come to think of it lol)

12-1230: Roll the dice and try and find a lunch he'll eat and get it cooking

1230-1300: 3 Enzymes + Lunch

1300-1330: Read books, Go down for a "nap". Sometimes he'll nap for Robb and I but it's rare lately. Somehow he always naps for our nanny though! Not fair lol

1430-1500: Wake up from "nap"

1500-1630: Arts and Crafts, playing outside, blocks, etc

1630-1730: Treatment #2 (same as #1)

1700-1730: Bath time

1730-1800: Mom and Dad get home, get started on dinner (I make one dinner for Charlie and a separate 'healthy adult' meal for Robb and I)

1830-1900: 3 Enzymes + eat dinner (hot dogs, tater tots, chips, whole milk, nuggets, or mac and cheese)

1900: Med time! This is the fun part lol. He's started realizing he doesn't care for his meds so whenever he sees me coming with a syringe full of medecine he immediately starts shoving food into his mouth so I can't give it to him. It works out actually because I can get him to eat more that way lol!

  • 2mL AquaADEK Vitamins
  • 2.5mL Vit-D-Sol
  • 6mL Periactin
  • 7mL Prilosec
  • 4mL Zithromax (M,W,F Only)
1915-1945: Story time and then Bed

1945: Celebrate! :P

SO there you have it, such an exciting life he leads lol. Be back soon with more stuff to blather on about :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Glue Meets Paper Celebrates 3 Years! and a HUGE Giveaway :D

Hi everyone!  Today is the 3 year anniversary of my blog!  How crazy is that?  In celebration of all my awesome readers I'm going to be hosting a give away full of equally awesome goodies.  Here's what's up for grabs!  All brand new and unopened unless noted ;)

SEI Mayberry Collection and Flair

SEI Promise Me Assortment Pack and File Folders (not pictured)

SEI White Elegance Collection and black photo corners (not pictured)

SEI Vanilla Sunshine Assortment Pack

SEI Silver Valley Assortment Pack, Alphas, 6x6 paper pad, label stickers, and 3D Stickers

Sorry this photo stinks but you can see the extras it comes with at least! I love those cardboard alphas :)

My Minds Eye Lime Twist "Happy Go Lucky" Paper and Accessories Kit

Goodies from Maya Road, SEI, and Piggy Tales

Leftovers from a Noel Mignon Limited Edition Kit including Alpha set, rub ons, flowers, spray mist, label stickers, stamp, stick pins, Bling-It, Ribbon, and 6 sheets of patterned paper (and more!).

PHEW!  That's it!  I told you it was a HUGE giveaway!  These are two VERY full boxes of product that I will ship to your door :)  Here's what you gotta do to win: make sure you are a follower of my blog and leave me a comment telling me what your favorite post has been.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezie!  You wanna have a better chance at winning?  Enter once and then spread the word on your blog/facebook/etc and come back and comment again (with a link) to be entered twice. 

I think it's so weird to go back and see what my previous posts were like.  It was only 3 years ago but of course so much has changed.  When I first started this blog I was preggo with Mr Charlie (altho only 12 weeks or something like that?) and had just been laid off from my job at Pfizer.  Since then obviously Charlie has been born, Robb and I have learned a crapload about CF, I've actually had my papercrafting published, Robb started a photography business, and I found two new jobs.  It feels like I've been blogging for way more than 3 years but maybe it's just because so much has changed :)

Here's the FIRST craft I ever posted on my blog back in 2010.  It's a wedding card made using the Cricut (this blog definitely was all ABOUT Cricut for the first year at least. and now that die cutting is back in I'm sick of it lol).  It's impossible to get a good view of it because for whatever dumb reason I thought taking the photo from the bottom up and slanted was a good idea?  WTF?  Thank god I have Robb now to help me lol.  And I'm also gonna hope I've improved a tad ;)

Okay that's it for today, make sure you leave me a comment (with your favorite GMP post) and I'll randomly pick a winner in ONE WEEK (or so).  And of course remember to check back because I'm not gonna notify you if you win, that's your job to come back and check.  Got it? Got it.  Thanks so much for being a follower, double thanks if you've been around all 3 years :D