Monday, July 15, 2013

Monster Baby Shower Cards

Hiya friends! I'm here today to share some gender-neutral baby shower cards I made for my friend's sister's baby shower (got that? lol).  The shower is monster themed so my friend wanted a monster on a cute little card, repeatedly emphasizing the word "simple" - I think she knows I tend to go overboard haha.  Anyways, she wanted to buy a new Cricut cartridge and all the supplies but I told her F that S!  I got so many leftover papers and plenty of Cricut cartridges, we'll make it happen for free-sies!  So that's what we did :)  The monster diecut is from the B is for Boy cartridge and all the papers are from my pretty ridiculously large stash, so I was happy to get rid of them.  No two cards look alike, since I had different patterned papers to make the aliens and the background banner with-- which I think is neat-o personally.  Since they don't know the sex of the baby we kept the baby shower cards gender neutral using bright colors.  Here's some pics for ya (PS I made the little chomp bites on the inside using a scallop circle punch)

I made thirty of these babies which I think freaked out my friend a LOT ("are you sure?!" but I really don't mind repetitive tasks like that, kinda relaxing).  Here are a few pictures of some of the other variations I ended up doing

So many adorable little monsters invading my scrap-space hehe

And all 30 cards + envelopes packed and ready to go! And the best part? Totally free!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Glue Meets Paper Headquarters

haha well that might be overstating things just a tad :P  It's not a 'headquarters' so much as it's my little scrapbooking room.  It's nothing super fancy...quite a lot of tupperware as a matter of fact, but our assignment at Noel Mignon this week was to share our scrappy spaces so I thought I should share here as well.  It's pretty basic but it works for me and it's been cheap to set up :)  Here goes!

I always put my blog header for that year on the front of the door leading up to my room. Coz I'm legit, you see...

Here's a view with the door open.  Just basic mis-matchy furniture.  The room is a remnant of the teenage girl that lived there before I moved into the house, so it's yellow/green/and blue.  My favorite?  Nope!  But it's fine for now.  One of these days I'll update it, maybe :)

Here's the view to the left of the desk
 Once a wreath has worn out it's welcome in my kitchen for the season I tend to retire it to this wall 

 I keep all my small scraps in these tupperware drawers, labeled with color blocks.  I also store kits in some of those drawers as well.  Lastly, I have all of my full size sheets of paper organized by color, too.

 These floating shelves are the perfect display for mini albums! I need so many more of these!

I also have some banners I created up on display on the wall.  Come to think of it, I should really bring that 'beach' banner downstairs and put it up somewhere, seeing as it's summer and all!
I love the idea of using a towel rack to store punches!  It's so convenient, out of the way, and looks awesome.  I bought 3, but my husband only put up one of them 6 months ago.  I keep asking for him to put up the other 2 but it hasn't happened (waaaaaah) and I can't do stuff like that.  Scientist, not carpenter.

 Here's the view behind the entrance door, where I snuck in some shelves for storage.  Don't ask me what I'm gonna do with my next scrapbooking album because obviously I have so space to store it!  eek!

These little 'suitcases' hold small kits or collections that I want to keep together (my big Noel Mignon kits get their own storage that's bigger).  However, I've found that when I'm 80-90% done with a NM kit I like to have places to store the leftovers.  That is what those little bins are for!  There are designated for the following: 3D stickers/Chipboard, Ribbon/Twine, Kit Leftovers, Brads/Buttons, Spray Mists, Adhesive, Journaling Cards, Inks/Sponges, and my Instax/Film.  When I'm breaking down a kit pretty much everything falls into one of those categories.  I also have separate storage bins for acrylic stamps, rubber stamps, and thickers tucked away in my closet.
My washi is stored in a mason jar (up until today when I grabbed a second one from the kitchen when I saw the overflow lol).  I keep my stick pins in a cute pin cushion I got from Michaels for easy access.
I also keep some photo's and current magazine issues on the bottom shelf as well as storage boxes.

Next up is storage in or around my desk:

 This organizer is from WalMart and it's where I store the bulk of my Noel Mignon kits.  Each one can easily be labeled with a Sharpie, and can be erased using stamp cleaner once you've cleared out that kit.

 As you can see, each drawer is the PERFECT size for a Noel kit!

 I also keep cardstock and Freezer Meal labels handy right next to my desk so I'm not constantly getting up to find it

My thread is kept in this cute little Ziploc Bag bowl I got from my hubby last Christmas

Last up is Charlie's "area", which he regularly trashes and knocks over after drawing for 30 seconds haha.  It's a nice idea though right?  I have to be really careful when I'm in here with him because if I zone out scrapbooking for more than 30 seconds he's been known to draw race tracks on the carpet with Sharpie and tear apart whatever I'm working on (SN: the sharpie incident happened with both myself and my husband in this tiny room! how neither of use noticed before there were multiple 3 foot long stripes on the carpet is beyond me).  Needless to say, our visits in here are about 10 minutes max, and I'm almost always sitting on the carpet drawing with him, terrified to turn my back haha.  Oh I am so jealous of those mommies with calm little girls that will just play at their feet while they can scrapbook!  not fair lol!

Okay guys, that's the big tour- not super exciting but I think there's a few helpful organization tips you'll enjoy!  Be back soon with some cute baby shower cards ;)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our Fun and Wet Day at the Zoo

Hi everyone! I'm here today to share a layout I made using Noel Mignon's "Hello Sunshine" kit- which I just adore!  The fun bright colors were perfect to liven up these super cute (but kind of drab, colorwise) photos of my son at the zoo last year.  That was one exhausting afternoon! He really liked the water park/splash pad that was there however so he had lots of fun getting all wet :) 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer is Great Because....

I get to go to the beach in Old Saybrook all the time,
I found Crate Paper's Pier Collection at my LSS,
 Charlie likes to help his Grandpa mow the lawn,
 Cheese and charcuterie plates are the perfect light summer dinner,
 Charlie received a teddy bear with a matching physiotherapy vest (cutest.thing.ever),
Coronas on the deck after a long day of work are the bestest- mmmmm :),
 I get to be part of the Noel Mignon Design Team,
 I love to play in the pool all the time with Charlie Bear,
Charlie has become very badass with a squirt gun, 
There are teeny tiny boysenberries growing in the backyard

Pretty much the only thing I don't like about summer is that I don't have AC in my scrapbooking room :P  But it's worth it!

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Layout

Hi everyone! Just swinging by to share my first layout as a member of the Noel Mignon Design Team :)  Since my first post was on July 4th I thought that a 4th of July layout would be fitting- except I hate using red white and blue on my layouts.  So I decided to make a color scheme of my own including aqua, gray, orange, and yellow in order to make a non-traditional 4th of July layout using the new Hello Sunshine kit.  Hope you enjoy!