Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Star Wars Birthday Party

Why hello hello everyone :) Long time no chat, think it's been about a year huh? Well there's a LOT to catch you up on, this year has been full of many not very fun things that I will have to get into at another date. In the meantime, I wanted to share Charlie's 6th Birthday Party with you all! As is my custom, I of course went a little "Pinterest mom" crazy hehe.  (see Minecraft Party last year)

In the past year I have been teaching myself (using Craftsy classes, so maybe not really "teaching myself"....) how to make and decorate all sorts of fun baked goods.  I've done sugar cookies quite a lot- I must make a post about this soon-, macarons, cakes, caramels, and chocolates. It's been really fun to try something new and to use my creativity in a different way. Charlie has been excited about me making his birthday cake all year and the theme for his party and cake has changed about a zillion times.  First he wanted a Mandala birthday party (because he loves coloring them so much), then a bowling themed party, then a Shopkins party, then half bowling/half mandala hybrid (which I quickly shot down), and then we eventually landed on a Star Wars theme.  This gave me lots of opportunities for baking and cheesy Star Wars puns :)

Here's the dessert table:

Here's a close up of the cake from the day before :) I was so nervous about transporting it!

And some close ups of the dessert table, I spent quite a few days baking!

And here's the snack/lunch table (the empty spot in the middle is for the pizza)

Here are some other photos from the party :) We had bubble light saber wands, sack races, water gun fights, a slip and slide, and silly string! Old school fun :)

It was lots of fun! My parents were nice enough to let us use their beach house for the party so we all went to the beach afterwards for a bit :) I just about passed out by the time I got home haha, but what a fun day! Happy Birthday Charlie!

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  1. Wow! What a great party! So many cool details! I am sure that your son loved it! Beautiful work, and with his memories and the pictures, Charlie will love looking back on this party for years to come.


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